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  • sexing ;D

    alright is there a easy..r.. way to do this im intrested in chekin her out i was told she was a female but i want to know (other then taking her in) "probe","pop","tail size", "anal spurs", "hemipenus"???????????if i take a little of each u think i cen come up with somthing??

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    Re: sexing ;D

    There's no sure fire way to tell the sex of a snake other than probing. And sometimes probing can be misleading also (for example if some one uses a probe that is too small on a female they can puncture the hemepenal homolog of the snake, resulting in the snake misprobing to appear male for everyone that probes her after that). There are a few ways to make sort of an educated guess at the snake's sex. Depending on the species of snake females will usually attain larger sizes. So if you see a 9-10 foot BCI, it's probably a female. (again, not 100% sure fire female, but probably) The two "spurs" on either side of the cloaca will usually be larger on males. Females will usually have longer tails. All these ways are just generalizations, and not by any means accurate all the time.

    One thing is for sure though, if your snake has a hemipenes it is a male.
    Hemipenes; male snake’s reproductive organs. (yes, there are 2 per snake ;D) -Juggalo


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      Re: sexing ;D

      Well said Jug!

      There are many many generalizations and "wives tales" but the only way to be sure is to be probed by someone with experience.

      I have often said the only way to know for sure is to pop the babies and see the hemipenes. Then we KNOW we have a male. You may encounter males that do not pop early on, and have to repeat or even probe later.

      To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

      -Best Regards
      -Clay English
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