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    Hey everyone my name is Ed and i recently bought a baby boa. She is bout 3 months and a bout a foot and half long im a lil confused on what sized rodent i should be feedin her. If anyone has any answers i would really appreciate it. thanx

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    Re: New owner

    I feed my baby Red Tail those little pinkie mice.There about as wide as her in girth.Dont feed your snake anything thicker than the girth of his/her body.Those little pink feeder mice work just perfect.


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      Re: New owner

      Mouse pinkies are too small for any BCI, hopper mice (or fuzzy mice for extra small juvi BCI) are good size for most small BCI. If pinkies are fed they should be rats to get an accurate size comparison stretch out the dead rodent, then compare girth to the biggest part of the snake. looking at the live rodents will make them seem quite a bit bigger than they actully are because the are all "balled" up. -Juggalo


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        Re: New owner

        Welcome,, you may want to review that care sheet clay posted
        that deals with food types and size.. its a good one, I have a short cut to it under my favorites, read that post and you'll be a pro in no time
        food source should be slightly larger than the widest portion or girth of the snake
        here's some rats that show the size options this varies from pet store to petstore that why I order on line from reptuable rat breeders. picture from clays care sheets

        here's Samuel eating his first just weined rat, the snakes about 8 mos, the lump you see was gone in two days.
        can you say slurp????

             Good luck   They are sweet animals