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  • New Snake Owner

    I would just like to say that b4 purchasing our boa we did do some research to be somewhat more informed as to what we were getting into. But nothing else i have read compares to the amount of information and diveristy of opions that are on this forum. I just recently found this site and am extremly glad that I did it has provided me more info here then i could find anywhere else in the area that i live in. and has help me make some important changes in the ways that I handle and care for my snake. We have a small 5 or 6 month old columbian we belive but are not sure and as soon as we get the cam and scanner back up and running will post a pic. my 3 year daughter named it snaker,gotta love the kids imagination.

    We are looking forward to the future where we will be able to add more bci's to our collection but for now 1 is enough.

    Now down to my real reason for this. we had been having problems with shedding but now we have that fixxed thanks to the info i found here the humidity was way to low and that has been fixed but after this last shed snaker looks like an old lady all wrinkley and baggy. was wondering what could cause this and maybe if i wasnt feeding enough or what she eats once every 7 or 8 days.
    all help with this would be apperciated looking forward to all of your input.
    new snake dad

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    Re: New Snake Owner

    The only thing I think it could be was that it has two layers of shed that were suppose to come off. this happened to my red tail, it couldnt shed once and each shed after stayed on, when i bought him his skin was wrinkly, and dry feeling, looked just like an old mans skin, lol. So I soaked him for 5 weeks and tryed to peel the skin off but had no luck. Hopefully if this is whats happeneing to your snake its not as bad. The best thing is to get a pic of it so we can see, or have someone at a good reptile store take a look at it.


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      Re: New Snake Owner

      I was wondering what sized food items are you feeding,
      hopefully small just weined rats?
      My hog had a period where she looked like a sharpea,(spelling?) that skin was really growing faster than she was.
      So I increased the food size and this resolved it self with time. They grow in spurts as do many children and other animals (large dog's have very unusal looking pups around 6 mos..
      Doug :


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        Re: New Snake Owner

        yes doug just weaned rats, we were doing mice b4 but not since i have been here.