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  • do you know when? do you know when the prey item you are feeding your boa is big enough, cuz my 28" red-tail right now is eating jumbo mice, which have only a 3-4 inch BODY lengh, but they're width is eithier just about or a little smaller than my snakes width of the fatest part of his bdy, now i know about the whole "lump in the stomach thing" but it's hard to tell cuz both they're wdiths are about the same, so can i move him up to SMALL rats which have a lengh of about 5-7 inches? ? ? ?
    thanks for the input,

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    Re: do u kno wen the

    No I would stick with what you are feeding him, dont feed him something to big cause he will just regurgitate it.


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      Re: do you know when?

      I WOULD switch to rats as soon as possible, but you should start with Weaned rats. They are equivalent to an adult mouse in size, but they have so much more in nutritition.

      Switch to weaned rats, then later you can move up to small rats.
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        ok...thank you all..

        .. ;D