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Suriname or Columbian?

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  • Suriname or Columbian?

    In terms of size whats a better choice? Ive read way too many conflicting sizes on the internet.

    I was thinking columbian, but the color of their tails (atleast the ones I see around here) can't compete withe the blood-red color of the Suriname's.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Suriname or Columbian?

    Is this your first boa , have you seen the sizes the true Boa (BCC) Guyana/Surname can reach. Many females reach 12 ft.
     There are so many BCI that are extremly beautiful  I  like the pastel dubays for color the females are usally 6-7 ft males a little smaller.
    SOme the hog island are extremly beutiful too.
    so its your decision but I would stay with the BCI's

    Most of the stock Ive seen coming from Jeff and Clay are  some of the finest animals you can buy and stil reasonable as to cost.

     the last pic is for sale for only 100.00 plus shipping ..
    There's so many boa's   doug


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      Re: Suriname or Columbian?

      Yes this would be my first boa. I kept WC garters a few years ago (When I was 8). I got hooked on Boa's when a frequent customer where I work part time(fish store) walked in with a BCI around his neck. I got hooked and just started doing research.

      I like the pictures you showed, and the sizes you gave. So Im going to get a BCI. Thanks