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A small question about cage setup?

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  • A small question about cage setup?

    I keep my baby bci in 20 gallon tank and i have a heat pad on one side with a hide place on half of the heat pad. I used to use a 60 watt heat bulb in addition to the heat pad but it was making the humidity cage really low even though I only keep it on during the day,and I misted the tank at least twice a day. I also have a towel covering the lid of the tank to keep it humid. I just wanted to know if this setup is acceptable, is there any thing I should change ??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated b16.gif

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    Re:  A small question about cage setup?

     And welcome, I assume this is a baby boa, You will need to think about a 4/2 ft cage in the near future, some of them BCI I ve seen lately will proably need a bigger cage.
      The Glass Tank is the problem ,, You can heat glass tanks but the you loose that humidty. I finally went to 40 critter tanks with
    large UTH"S cover 65 % or more of the cage floor tied into a thermostat device to prevent over heating. I place the hide over the warm side and a second hide 1/2 on and off the warm side water dish on the cool side. I throw a towel over the screen top to hold humidty.
      I use paper for substrate and pour a cup of water on the paper it wicks out to be slightly moist the humidty will be 70 % almost instantly and will hold for 48 hours with the towel.
      The use of external heat dries the air and creates an up draft that sucks the moisture out of your snake and cage.  unless its contained in the cage..

    My internal che's have cages to protect the snakes from the che
    here's the reson why
    heat and humidty are the biggest pain  
       Note :the boaphile cages come with heat strips in the floor have very little air flow to prevent drying, all you need is a thermostat and you have ther perfect cage

    The ones below are proably the simpliest and most economic solution for keeping boa's they were built for keeping snakes and the shipping free.
     I am gonna get the green one proably the end of the year.

    The green one with the shelf would be perfect fo a single BCI.
     I have several types of cages and I think the plastic is proably the best way to go for duarbility and humidity.
       tried building one cost alot and was becoming a real money pit when ordering glass and sliding door's..


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      Re:  A small question about cage setup?

      I have always used glass cages for my snakes and lizards, and I have never had a humity problem. The only bad thing about glass, expecially with lizards is nose rubbing. They see through it and think they can get through, and will eventually rub alot of the scales off. But besides that, glass( I think ) is good enough. I will be buying a large vision cage for my Tegu but thats in the future. For the humity in the glass cage i keep damp moss and the heat source under the water bowl, and it seems to work fine.