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    im a new snake owner and very worried about my snake
    ive only had it about a month a week after i got it it shed
    and now it looks like it going to shed again it belly is all white
    and its eyes are cloudy is it possible its going to shed again. s34.gif

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    Re: new owner

    It is possible that is going into shed again. Rapid shed cycles are a sign of several possible health problems. Check the snake and the enclosure for mites (Tiny black bugs about the size of a pin head). What type of setup and stubstrate are you using? It is possible that the substrate is irritating the snake.

    Good luck!


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      Re: new owner

      tiny is fine i took him to the vet and got him a check up.
      the next day he shed ;D hes about 1yrs old i have him in a 55 gal tank with a piece of carpet i got from the pet store
      he has a log to hide under and two tree branches.
      thanks for the reply :P
      thanks breezy {kimmie}


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        Re: new owner

        Stress and changes can cause a number of things to happen with boas.

        Shed cycles are one of them.

        The boa should be allowed to properly acclimate to the new surroundings, before too much handling is attempted.

        Also morti is right (but isn't he always ;D), better make sure of the environmental conditions. They pose the greatest health risk to the overall condition of the boa.
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