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how old?????

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  • how old?????

    need to pick the brains of the ppl here......
    how old do boas need to be before they don't need the nutrients of live meals????
    we got our daughter a boa for her was sooooooo **** cute,we ended up with one for her AND one for us....they were born 5/15/02.....i've been told when very young they benefit from the nutrients of live....the game plan is when they can eat adult mice we'll split a small shipment of adult frozen mice......
    guess my question is two-fold.....1)is 3 months too young to feed frozen adult mice(if the girth is ample)????.....2)will mice be ample size meals long enough for us to use up 25-50 of them split between 2 snakes?????
    thanx in advance for your help....
    **happy daze**

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    Re: how old?????

    I have a Bci and he has never ate a live meal for the 1 year and 3 months that I have had him, the month that clay had him I am pretty sure that clay fed him frozen too. in other words they dont need live ever.
    now I have a hogg island that for a while wouldnt eat anything else but live, for a while untill I fianally switched him to frozen. Feeding live is a last resort.
    about the mice thing, I would personally switch to rats, just because they are more meaty and less furry than mice are, better for them you know. If you are feeding adult mice than rat pups are roughly the same size.
    I recomend reading clays care guides on the main website and memorizing them. they are some of the best on the net.


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      Re: how old?????

      I also had 2 red tails & I got them in mid-july (just over 2mos old) last yr & after I got them, I began feeding them frozen thawed rats. The male was a bit stubborn at first, but it didn't take long. They took them easily imo, & did well & grew great eating them I used rats . . .