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  • constipated boa

    I think my boa is constipated his tail is really swollen. I was feeling his tail and I felt a small hard lump almost like a rat skull or somthing. My boa hates to soak also. Is there another way to help my boa poop? Is the lump in the tail normal?

    Thank for all the help

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    Re: constipated boa

    My boa hate's to soke as well... I take him to a nice warm place in the grass and it tickl's him just right...
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: constipated boa

      Well you should not feel anything hard or lumpy by the cloaca, and there may be some possible blockage. That may require a vet visit to prove. Soaking in lukewarm water is really the best at home remedy you can do. Get a tub or container big enough for the snake but where he cannot get out and babysit him while soaking. Sometimes a good soak in lukewarm water is all a snake needs to get them to poop.
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