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  • Shedding!

    Sorry for so many questions, but I just want to be sure. My Colombian shed the skin on her head but not on her body. Will she eventually get it off in a day or what. What are some good suggestions. This is her first shed so maybe she dont know the best ways yet. But if you can help be that would be great. Thanks

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    Re: Shedding!

    the most important thing is to make sure that the eye caps have come off. if your snake is not shedding correctly this is usually the result of low humidity in the cage. when you notice that your snake is about to go into shed you should mist your boa once a day. this almost guarantee's that your boa will shed in one piece. for a snake that has not completely shed its skin a luke warm bath will help. the water should be cool to your touch. if the water feels hot to the touch than it is way too warm for your boa. this should loosen the skin and your boa should be able to finish the job.


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      Re: Shedding!

      I agree,

      If the humidity is way too low, the boas chances of properly shedding are slim and none.

      I offer suggestions to help a "bad" shed under the

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