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  • lighting questions

    i recently heard that a black light could be used for red tail boas. is there any truth to this? i was told it provides UV rays, and they like it because it is dark. can the snakes be harmed by them?

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    Re: lighting questions

    I use a black light when I am in the snake room at night... I would not suggest using a light to heat the cage to start with but if you do a black light works just fine... And yes just like any other light they can be hurt by it,(If they touch it) Black lights are realy hot too this is the type heater that you would not want in the cage... Also you boa does not need uv ray's... they do just fine with out them... I think do to the fact that they are night critters... clay, jeff, and lot's of other breeders only use the natural light that get's into the cages.. No lights in side... But this also does not harm them ether... If I was you I would get a "CHE" or a "uth" to make a hot spot insted of a heat light... the reason for this is that they last alot longer and they will never shatter and leave a hole bunch of small spec's of glass in the cage...
    Well so now you have my 2 cent's
    Eric aka...Red
    p.s. Like I said before they are good for a light in the snake room so you do not dissturb them...


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      Re: lighting questions

      Pet stores and and suppliers sell the same thing but with a fancy name. There are red and black lights that are supposed to heat and allow you to see them at night. The problem is they are very expensive and don't last very long. I stopped buying them very quickly. I never thought of just buying a regular black light bulb so I don't know if they are any cheaper or last any longer. As far as UV goes they really don't need it. Good luck