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    i am a first time snake owner a week after i got my snake
    it shed and that was only 3 weeks ago now it looks like its going to shed again its eyes are all clouded over and its
    stomach is all white is this possible its going to shed again?

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    Re: new owner

    What is the age of the snake? What type is it? Young snake will shed much more often than adult snakes because they do a lot more growing. It sure sounds like it is getting ready to shed again to me. Just keep the humidity good and maybe mist a couple of times a day and the shed should be done in a couple of days or less.


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      Re: new owner

      the snake 1yrs old and is a red tailed boa
      its eyes seem to be alittle clearer today
      so im hoping thats all it is just to be on the safe side i made a vet appointment for thursday. as soon as i get a web cam
      ill post some pics. thank you for you reply
      kimmie. :