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  • question???????

    why would you use aspen bedding, cuz i've read about many boa onwers using it, but if they eat it, isn't it bad????
    also aspen bedding is just hat rabbit or mamel bedding stuff rite, like the stuff rabbits or hampters are kept on,
    thanx in advance,

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    Re: question???????

    Aspen has less dust than other shredded wood, making it cleaner to deal with. It's also easier for the snakes to burrow through. One big reason to stay clear of Pine is that when it comes into contact with water, it can become toxic to snakes.


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      Re: question???????

      just feed in a seperate feed box and you should be ok with the eating the aspen thing


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        Re: question???????

        Aspen is the only wood shaving product that has proven to stand the test of time with reptiles, and proven that it is harmless to the boas.

        Cedar is toxic to reptiles and should NEVER be used, and pine has oils and fumes that have shown to be harmful to boa constrictors when used for prolonged periods of time.

        Aspen has no such side effects.

        HOWEVER, as stated before, a boa should NEVER be fed on any wood/bark/corncob type substrate.
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          Re: question???????

          Of the many snakes I've had, I have always used aspen. Cedar is toxic all (at least, almost all) snakes. I also allow my snake to feed in his own cage, with the aspen covering the bottom. They have ingested a little once it a while, but nothing seemed to have made them sick. If you don't want to go for aspen, think AstroTurf (or the like). You can take it out, spray it down with a hose, roll it up in your car window, take a trip to the gas station and by the time you're home...its dry! No matter what you use, I don't think your snake is going to come to you and say "Daddy, we need to talk...the Turf tickles my belly..." haha. Honestly, go with your gut feeling. You know your snake the best, if you think it would be too time (or money) consuming to use Aspen (I am allergic to it, myself, but still use it) then try something creative. AstroTurf might be your best bet in the short run, but there are always other options. Hope that helped

          Note: Do you EVER like your snake just doesn't enjoy the holidays?! Try this. At thanksgiving buy a Christmas wait until it doesn't smell anymore (no need to waste anything) then scrub it off well with soap, allow to dry and let your children have some fun! (Or you can, if you are single) Use some acrylic paints, paint a few lights....a few bulbs...and hang it on the ***OUTSIDE*** of your snakes cage...and remember...Mr. Slithersworth wants presents too! Buy him something like a scratching post....I MEAN! a hidey-hole! Be cute. (We made my python a christmas hat with a little velvet, some elastic and a cotton ball, a few years back...his nickname was Mr. Jinglesworth after that )