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Any idea's????

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  • Any idea's????

    I think the blind boa is going into shed but I wont be able to tell untill she sheds atleast 2 times that way I will know her color change. But she looks like she is in shed now, her under side is dull along with her sides and her skin feels kinda rubery. What do you Guy's think?

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    Re: Any idea's????

    Are you raising the humidty, if mine start looking alittle dull and milky white, I raise the humidty to almost 80% and they usally shed overnite, or they may resist that shed and go another week, They usally aren't very hungry pre shed. The young ones shed more frequently during that first year. depending on food and growth.
    Good luck with that baby, how about some more pics.


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      Re: Any idea's????

      Thanks Doug

      Yea thats what I do but not quite so high on the humidity. I was just wondering if anyone had any other idea's on how to tell if this particular boa is in shed. Becouse it has no eye's and that is the best way to tell. This boa has to be force fed at this time, She wont eat on her own.


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        Re: Any idea's????

        I can always tell by the under side of the snake... It look's just like the eye's when they are in shed... just a lil blue and milky shade to it. I hope I could help..
        Eric aka...Red