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Tightening her grip...and other things

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  • [Behavior] Tightening her grip...and other things

    Still kinda of new to this, definitely new to this forum (first post!), would not mind any advise and opinions.

    First off, I bought my first boa (not first snake, had a BP before) about 2 months or so ago after doing some research. She's about 3-4 months old now. Never struck at me, twice into the air at nothing (I startled her). Just wanted to know if all this behavior is normal or have I been lucky with a potentially aggressive boa.

    So the two times she struck, I keep a hand towel along with a half log in the tank for her to hide in. The first time, I didn't realize she was in the towel and lifted it up too quickly for cleaning and she struck at pretty much the air, second time was in my blanket, same mistake. Both times, she calmed right down. I approach her head and gently gave it a tap or two to let her know it's me then proceed to pick her up. No issues. She crawls all over my arm until she seems comfortable and just chills for a bit before moving to another comfortable position.

    Also, sometimes when I'm handling her, usually when I'm browsing on my laptop, she would start to tighten up periodically, real tight, kinda like a hug, no hissing or anything, just tighten up for like 5-10 seconds then move on. Sometimes I would think that she's afraid and try to put her back but as soon as my hand, with her on it, is in the tank, she'd coil and tighten onto my wrist and won't let go. If I pull my arm (with her coiled around it) back out, she'd stay that way for a minute or two then relax and move about normally again. Sometimes I'd have to peel her off my arm inside to tank to put her hissing, no striking, just...won't let go...

    I mean, I find all this endearing and all, feels like she just doesn't want to leave me, but at the same time, I'm not sure if this may develop into some problems later on when she's bigger.

    Now when I try to take her out of the tank (her head is usually poking out of a fold in the towel), she would follow my hand while flickering her tongue. It's almost as if she's going to strike, her neck slightly coiled. I took a chance last week and simply approached her head straight on very slowly until her snout bumped into my finger. She'd bump it once or twice, tongue flickering, before I'd tap her head gently and pull her out of the towel. Is this normal? Almost as if she's curious? Or I may possibly be struck one day? When I'm near the tank, if she's out and about, she'd follow where ever I lightly tap on the tank...never struck, but flicker her tongue and just follow...

    She's a good eater, handled her once within 24 hr of feeding (forgot I fed her the night before), never regurgitated, never hissed.

    Hoping I have a sweet and easy going lady.


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    Re: Tightening her grip...and other things

    Everything is normal. The squeezing is just the snake tightening it grip for security. The handling is on point too. It's nice to have a boa that isn't head shy.



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      Re: Tightening her grip...and other things

      I agree with what [MENTION=8640]tsblair[/MENTION] said. Also, welcome to RTB, stay a while! Check out it has a lot of great information about keeping boas.

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        Re: Tightening her grip...and other things

        Poor cutie she's so young, like all puppies she's still a bit awkward. The difference between my 6 months old baby and the 1 and a half years older sister is huge, she's much much more graceful and she makes a much more proportioned use of her power. The other is still hanging to herself, falling, sliding, once she almost managed to choke herself.... XD And she's still a bit afraid of water too! But when it comes to hunting.......... wow!


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          Re: Tightening her grip...and other things

          Thanks for the replies guys! Looking forward to her getting bigger!

          yeah, she's not a fan of water...not yet...