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  • [Handling] Tired

    Tried to handle him he did not strike but did the hissing noise and was phone fast should I just go for it and hold him or what should I do?

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    Re: Tired

    Do you have a snake hook? I have a female that huff's and puff's every time I get here out but once she's out she is fine.I also have a male that strikes at me but once I get him out and let him calm down he is fine. Really it's just about your confidence. If you get tagged its not bad as long as you snake is not to big. Just take your time and be confidence. Also don't pin the head that just makes them more mad.


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      Re: Tired

      Just continue with the handling and get yourself a snake hook, so you can train your snake.. As for was the hissing go`s, your snake is talking to you, start pay attend to the moody swings. Remember to be gentle when handling and try not to be afraid of getting tagged..


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        Re: Tired

        Every once in a while, the large female BCI that I had for 12-13 years would hiss up a storm when I opened her cage to take her out. I look at it this way: snakes may be captive-bred, but they are still wild animals that

        RELY on their instincts. Sometimes they 'forget' they know us (it's NORMAL!)...and they feel threatened by our approach. It's our job at that point to remind them they are safe with be patient & use both scent &

        touch to communicate with your snake. What I did was to blow air across my hand towards her face, so she'd get my scent....then, I'd gently touch & stroke her body (NOT her head!)....and usually in a few minutes, she'd

        be calm (not hissing) and I'd pick her up as usual. She NEVER bit me, in all the years I had her....she never turned to try to bite during her hissing episodes. (Don't you protest & argue sometimes? so do snakes!) But do

        watch your snake's reaction closely though when you try the touching...I can't promise that your snake won't turn to bite, especially because your's still isn't familiar with you. He's still afraid...and it sounds to me like he's

        got "company"? (-you!) So if it still seems as if yours wants to bite when you touch him, you might want to use a snake hook (or similar tool) for the petting process. Snakes I've dealt with all calm down when gently lifted

        from underneath....they remember being held & feeling safe with me, is what I believe. Basically, you need to learn to relax & communicate with your snake...on HIS terms. Be patient...& think positive. Also, if your snake

        still seems too afraid by your approach & the touching & scent doesn't help, you should just put a hand towel over him so he can't see you, & gently pick him up (keeping him inside) and let him get used to being held for a while.

        He'll learn your scent & touch thru the towel. Just remember that he has to overcome his instincts: you're a giant to him...for all he knows, you're a predator about to have him for dinner. It's up to you to teach him he's safe.