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  • [Purchasing] Bolivian Silverback BCA

    I know pictures tell a thousand words and hopefully i'll have some to post later. Until then, I'm wondering whats the average price for them. This one is about a 6 month old baby, silver with dark black/purple saddles and medium peaks. Honestly I don't remember a whole lot about it as I was busy buying feeder rats for my other snakes. But now that I think about, I am kind of interested in it as I remember the silver overtones and that stood out for me. Anyways she is asking $300 for it. I'm not sure on the bloodline as she lost the paperwork but did get it from a local breeder. I really don't plan to breed it, more of just a pet but im wondering how are their temperments? I have a 6ft BCI girl who is like a giant puppy dog and loves to come out and sit on me so im looking for something else like that but in a darker color as my BCI is normal with lots of light colors and salmon down the sides and on the cheeks and this BCA is silver/granite base with the dark black/purple saddles. Anyways does $300 sound like a reasonable price? Thanks.

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    Re: Bolivian Silverback BCA

    Any boa is only worth what you are willing to pay for it. I don't own any Bolivians so I can't speak to their temperment. But $300 seems pretty fair. As for calling it a Silverback though, I would get as much information as you can in regards to its lineage because "Silverback" is a line of Bolvians.