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  • [General Care] Is My Husbandry Okay?

    I will be picking up a 2015 female Hog Island boa from my friend Gillian Luszik towards the end of April when they are born. I already set up my tank. It's a 40 gal breeder with a screen top. I used 8 qts cypress mulch and 8 qts fine coconut fiber mixed together. I have a large half log hide on the hot side, a large climbing tree with a hollow hide at the bottom on the cool side, a large "all living things" water dish and some driftwood stacked up for decoration. For heat I'm using a 100W infrared bulb and a human heating pad I used for my dubias. Basking spot is 96F, hot side ambient is 82F and cool side ambient is 75F. Humidity is 60% does that sound about right? I will post pictures of my setup later on or possible tomorrow.

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    Re: Is My Husbandry Okay?

    Your basking spot is a bit too warm. I keep mine at 90 degrees by using a thermostat. Other than that, sounds good to me.

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