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Good signs OR what should i do?

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  • [Handling] Good signs OR what should i do?

    I have not been on in a while just... With senior paper and all. I have been handling Ryuu not too often but make sure to get my time in. I think he is starting to recognize me. I have been the only one handling him ever... And the one time my friend tried to handle him he started to get angry and become timid. And it tries to come back to me every time... is that a good or bad sign? And when my dad takes off the top screen to get water bowel or whatever he need to do clean it etc... But he starts to hiss and get in that double s But as soon as i switch with my dad he settles down. Do i need him to interact with more people?

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    Re: Good signs OR what should i do?

    I'd say he recognizes you...snakes feel safer with what is familiar and that includes people. While it's 'flattering' when they prefer us over others, I'd work on getting him to accept other people too: I mean, what if

    you take a vacation or are sick & need someone else to care for him for a while? And what happens when you go to the vet? Vets don't appreciate being bit & some might even charge more for animals that are

    difficult to safely work with. In any case, we ALL want people to accept our snakes as the pets they are, and when they see them acting "badly" it reinforces their negative stereotypes about them. But don't try to

    force or rush your snake either...he's following his instincts to be shy & be patient & gradual & he should 'catch on'. I'm having trouble thinking of any snakes that I've kept that DON'T accept other people.

    My experience is that once a snake feels really comfortable with me, that carries over to them feeling safe with others too, and I really like that they can be useful for educational purposes because of that. It also means

    that if I have to take them to the vet, they suffer less stress because of it, and remember that stress lowers the immune systems ability to function. A stressed animal is more likely to get sick.


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      Re: Good signs OR what should i do?

      Socialization is important for any animals that are in close contact with people. I currently have two boas- one from a private party and one from a pet store- the pet store boa is by far happier out of her Viv and hanging with the people. My big guy loves people and handles it well, but he does not exhibit the same comfort level as the pet store socialized girl.
      squish tolerates people and if he is in the mood will socialize, but is happy to return to his Viv after a while. Spot actively fights going back into Her Viv and will pull amazing acrobatics to try to stay out with people.
      Your dude trusts you which is great! Now you can use that trust as a foundation for socializing him with other people too.