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Red Tail found

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  • Red Tail found

    Hi, need help, found a red tail boa on the road here in Mazatlan, , tried to feed her or him the last 2 weeks a little white mouse, no luck. Removed now
    Please reply to [email protected]
    Would like to also send a picture of her or him for real identification, but not know how, yet!

    Thank you


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    Re: Red Tail found

    See this for assistance on posting pictures:

    If this is an escaped boa, it is probably stressed and won't eat for a while, are you planning on keeping it? A little more information would help. Welcome to RTB by the way.

    Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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      Re: Red Tail found

      Do you believe that this is a native Boa, or one that was released? If it were a native , then it is not a "Red Tail" Boa .
      A wild Boa would also be more difficult to get to feed In captivity, or on domestic rodents.