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  • Help with a new rescue

    So someone please help me out. Long story short I had to rescue a red tail from a retarded owner. The snake was not being well taken car of. As far as a feeding schedule I'm not sure what it is. Problem is she said the snake is 6 years old.....but the snake is only 4' in length, maybe. She says she tried feeding once a week. I was told through mutual friends it was once a month. I personally don't believe he is 6 years. Even if she hardly feed he wouldn't be stunted that much, right? I think she just seated saying stuff because I was questioning he care. Someone she'd some light. He may even be 42"

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    Snake measurement tool

    Is your snake male or female?
    Is it a true RED TAIL or a BCI?
    4' for a male BCI is not uncommon, on the small side, but is possible. If your snake seems healthy, don't worry about its length. I don't really measure an adult. I just find it fun for the little ones to see how they are growing.
    Thank you for rescuing this snake and caring, but a healthy 4' is much better than an unhealthy at any age!!
    Pictures would help us.


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      Re: Help with a new rescue

      Welcome to RTB!

      I moved your post and created a new thread with it to get more attention and hopefully gain you more responses.
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        Re: Help with a new rescue

        regardless of past care , get the boa in the right environment , temps and give it time to adjust to a new home and start feeding proper sized meals on the correct schedule. In 3 months , you may see some healthy changes and happy boa.


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          Re: Help with a new rescue

          Sounds like a good case for rescue. How about a pic or three?

          Welcome to the forum.