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  • [Shedding] shedding question

    I got a two year old female red tail about three months ago, I've already gone through a beautiful shed with her and noticed earlier this week she was begining to leather up and dull out for another shed followed by the normal opaque colored eyes a few days later. This morning I got up to find her bright and beautiful the way they always look after a shed the only problem was there's no remains of the shed in the enclosure. I took her out thinking maybe she had buried it or was simply laying on it but after checking every nook and cranny of her enclosure it's nowhere to be found. Her color is restored and her skin is silky smooth so I'm at a loss as to what happened and was wondering if someone has had anything similar happen or if it's possible for them to stop a shed. I've also got a ball python that I've had since she was six months old six years ago and have never experienced anything like this with her either, I live by myself so no one could have cleaned the shed.

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    Re: shedding question

    Sometimes this happens, don't worry, she will shed shortly!


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      Re: shedding question

      What you're seeing is normal & often confuses new snake-keepers: a snake gets cloudy nearing a shed, then "goes to clear" (ie. looks normal like yours does now, as if they shed) BEFORE they shed...that's because their
      body secretes moisture between the old & new skin that makes it nearly impossible to tell that the shed isn't completed. It's also why it's often better to delay feeding a snake that's nearing a shed (even if your snake is
      willing to take food at that time...many aren't): both digestion and shedding require extra hydration from the snake's body...and some snakes have difficulty doing both at the same time. It can result in a "bad shed"
      a shed that comes off with difficulty, in many pieces.

      Bottom line: as Tammy said, she will shed shortly!