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  • [General Care] Prego or no Prego

    After my RTB mate, how long will it be until I know she has little ones in her? Also can I keep the male in with her?

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    Re: Prego or no Prego

    Short answer since I don't have a lot of and check out the Ultimate Care Guide that the originator of this forum put together. There is a wealth of information in here and it's free. I printed it all out and put it in sheet protectors and in a binder for quick reference. It's one of the best out there!

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      Re: Prego or no Prego

      I have never bred a boa. However, since you have this question I strongly recommend you do a lot more research before you attempt to breed any animals. There is a lot of information if you use the search bar here, or google. Of course the Ultimate Care Guide is great too.

      Good luck with everything, I hope when the time comes you get some awesome babies!


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        Re: Prego or no Prego

        Originally posted by dble11672 View Post
        Also can I keep the male in with her?
        The ladies answered the breeding question. I'll add this. Boas should never be housed together long term. Once the male loses interest in breeding, remove him.

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