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  • [General Care] Change of Life?

    Miss Silk turned eight this year. That's not even half her life span, only maybe a third of it, I know. We did go thru a lot with her this year, trying to figure out why she was not eating and trying to get her to eat. But she still insists on only medium rats, if anything at all. Right now she is completely fasting like she usually does from October-November to March-April. The issue is that she has gotten cranky. The last time I presented food to her she actually hissed at me for the first time in her life. A friend of mine says its because she wants to breed. Is it because she wants to breed? Why now? Or did I miss the signs the last seven years? Or could it be another reason? If so, what? She's got her Boaphile with the radiant heater and UTH. Temps are good, but humidity is in the 50,s-55 to be exact.

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    Re: Change of Life?

    Don't think anyone can tell you for sure could be wanting to breed, but a snake may also be cranky (& fussy about eating) if they're in some sort of pain. We as their keepers must learn to be 'detectives',
    and seek local help for second opinions, whether from experienced keepers or vets, to rule out problems. You need to listen to her when it comes to what size food she'll eat, and IMO there's NOTHING wrong with a
    boa that feeds on small or medium rats....many captive boas are over-fed. An ultra-sound from a herp-vet might be a good idea, to try to see if there's anything wrong internally. It's not rare for a snake that's going
    into shed to be cranky, but I'm sure you know that & I assume you ruled that out too? 8 years is not old, that's for sure.