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  • [General Care] Boa Pair

    Good Evening RTB,

    I've came across a craigslist ad that was posted by a guy looking to get rid of his pair of female Salmon Boa and Kahl Albino male boa. Both Boas are adults around 5-6 years of age. Female is 6 ft in length and male is 5 ish. From the information I've gathered so far, I'm some what worried about the health of these snakes. The pair has been housed together over a period of 5+ years in a 70 gallon refugium tank with their heat source coming from a lamp. This has now made me become eager to rescue these Boas. Also, the pair has never attempted to breed. Could it be because of their living conditions or maybe that their the same sex?

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Boa Pair

    Originally posted by Velle96
    Also, the pair has never attempted to breed.
    How is that known? It sounds like the owner hasn't a clue about keeping snakes so i wouldn't accept their word on that. If you do decide to get these snakes, separate them immediately and make sure to use the utmost quarantine procedures to ensure that you don't get anything from them to your current collection. You have been on here a while so I know you know about proper temps and humidity for them. Good luck and keep us posted.

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      Re: Boa Pair

      As zamora said... they might not be healthy and might not be sexed correctly. Best of luck, hope they have a happy ending with you, but as always, beware of ppl selling animals on CL!!!


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        Re: Boa Pair

        Thank you.

        That's what I plan on doing is separating them immediately and do some serious quarantine. I have a lot of knowledge but I'm sure I can use some of you veterans knowledge too. What serious quarantine procedures would you guys suggest in this situation?