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  • [Shedding] Loose skin?

    I recently received a baby anery boa (male), he's currently in an appropriately sized tub lined with newspaper. I have experience with ball pythons and I know how to maintain proper humidity, it's around 60%-70% and I mist once it starts to fall around 50%. There's an AcuRite in the tub with him so I know exactly what the humidity is doing, as well as ambient temp, which is around 80 degrees. He has a 90 degree hot spot, which he seems to spend a lot of time on. He has hides and he receives fresh water every day. With all that being said, he has some loose skin/folds, they're more noticeable around his jaw. I'm afraid he might be dehydrated, but everything is pretty much dialed in. In my experience with ball pythons, I've never seen skin folds to this extent. I know they tend to get a little loose when they're about to shed, and I have noticed his pink belly a few times, but I haven't seen the blue eyes yet and this has been going on for about a week or so. He did take a mouse down two days ago, but from what I hear boa's will take food any time you give them the chance. My gut is telling me he's fine, but being my first boa I thought I'd ask some experienced keepers just to make sure.

    Also, about the anery thing, I'm not quite sure he is, though the reptile shop said he was. I know anery's are lacking the red pigment, but I think I see some maroon-ish coloring around the tail. Could be just me, though. I've seen anery's with no maroon/brown coloring at all, but those may be a different type. Either way he's beautiful, I just want to know for sure what he is.

    I'll post pics ASAP. Thanks for any assistance.