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Building a New Rack/enclosure

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  • [Heat Placement] Building a New Rack/enclosure

    Hi all, Im new here but i have had boas for about 4 years. I still consider my self a newbie and i am always willing to learn.

    I want to Build a cabnient style boa enclosure it will be stacked 4 high, with eight actual units for snakes. Kinda like a dresser would look like .. but they draws wont slide out . The questions i have are.. I Bought 60 feet of Heat tape, im just wondering where would be the best and safest spot to put the tape. I have never used it before and want it done RIGHT! any sugestion or is there any Rack building Links or threads on here?

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Building a New Rack/enclosure

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: Building a New Rack/enclosure

      somewhere water cant get to it. I built one and built upthe floor a little then put the flextape under plexiglass and then siliconed it really well. I did this on the hide side and then also put a CHE in it from the ceiling behind a cage to prevent burns. Good luck and post some pics. I am building an enclosure now but the drawer does slide