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Herpstat pro ?????

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  • [Thermostats] Herpstat pro ?????

    I currently am using Ranco' s at this time, I have a double one on the stax of 4x421's, i have a single on the 221 ball cage and plan on using a single on my 2x321d's that i should get in Jan sometime. Question is should i look into a herpstat pro to run them.

    1. thoughts- use a probe for every other cage(2 cages per probe) Pro has 4 probes (all my cages have RHP and are set up identicle.
    2. proportanal them will be easier on the rhp's than the on/off of ranco
    3. better adjustability of cages
    4. 1 themostat vs 3
    5. cleaner look

    Am I way off here? should i just stay with the ranco's?


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    Re: Herpstat pro ?????

    Well I am not running any radiant heat panels, I am only running my cages on flexwatt. I have both types of thermostats that I currently am using. My herpstat is running a small 3 drawer rack, and I am using a ranco double thermostat set up on all my boaphile cage and raxx.

    Personally, I would say to call Mr. Ronne and and get his opinion. I think you may be able to run less thermostats than you think, even with the ranco's.