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Ice in Miami

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  • [Temperature] Ice in Miami

    I woke up this morning to see this. Pretty cool for us Miami folks. Those burms have got to be doing bad out there.

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    Re: Ice in Miami

    I know it's not big for you folks up north but it was cool to see.


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      Re: Ice in Miami

      Yeah its been too cold down here....


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        Re: Ice in Miami

        Haha wow that's crazy, how often does that happen in Florida? I was always under the impression that Florida was the place to go during the winter to stay warm.


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          Re: Ice in Miami

          I heard about this. I found a pic on another forum that was supposedly taken in Florida some where. Maybe those who are thinking about pass this python ban will think, "Oh, maybe these things can't survive the cold. . ." This just might be the thing that will help us beat these guys!!!


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            Re: Ice in Miami

            Frost on the Cars in Miami that's Kool Joe

            I understand how Miami folks would react to this unusual occurrence

            Originally posted by THESURFER View Post


            The problem here is this , chain of evidence. That picture shows a
            guy holding a frozen Boa. I'm certain he found it on the ground ,
            but just as easily anybody could stage something like this.

            Specific documentation needs to occur with a wildlife officer /
            Game Warden or maybe police Officer present

            Pictures of where the animal was found undisturbed ,
            what was around etc...

            Then we'd have something !!!

            Lar M
            Boas By Klevitz