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Probe placement and Herpstat 4

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  • [Thermostats] Probe placement and Herpstat 4

    Does anyone here have a herpstat? More specifically a herpstat 4? If so, how do they run for you guys? I have an opportunity to get one for a steal price but want to make sure I am making the right decision. Also, for kicks and giggles... I put my temperature probes inside my cages to get an exact hotspot reading. Do you guys put your probes inside your cages or underneath, ontop of your heatpad/flexwatt and then adjust your thermostat so that your internal hotspot is correct?

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    Re: Probe placement and Herpstat 4

    I highly recommend herpstat 4. I won't go over all the specs, but if you check out the description on spyder robotics website you can see it's awesome. If you can get it for a steal price it's a no brainer. I put my probes inside the cages to to make it easier to set the temps (I have a few cages with heat mats and a few with heat panels).