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UTH vs. Lamp for Red Tails

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  • [CHE/Heat Lamp] UTH vs. Lamp for Red Tails

    So I have a juvenile Columbian Red Tail housed in a large terrarium right now. Everywhere I've read says a UTH is more important than a lamp, but my boa shows otherwise. I have both a lamp and a UTH on my enclosure, as well as a thermometer at either end and a temp gun to measure other spots. My temperatures are where they should be and there's a gradient.

    Now to the point: I have a couple of tall branches for the snake to climb on, and it spends almost all of its time in the enclosure on the branches away from the UTH and hide box. When the light goes out at night, it still stays in the branch. I saw it go through the hide box over the UTH only once, and it slithered through and up into the branch.

    It's not posing a problem and the snake is healthy, but I'm just really confused. Someone give me some insight? Thanks!

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    Re: UTH vs. Lamp for Red Tails

    It's not so much an argument of importance as it is one of what is better for the animal's habitat.

    A UTH is great and usually the easiest of heat sources to maintain. Sometimes necessity calls for the UTH to be used in addition to a secondary heat source such as a CHE or heat lamp. Generally, heat lamps are notorious for keeping humidity levels extremely difficult to maintain. A CHE can make keeping humidity level maintenance difficult as well, but they do not seem to be as bad as a heat lamp.

    If you are not having any difficulties in maintaining your humidity levels then I would say you are doing something right and do not have much to worry about.
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      Re: UTH vs. Lamp for Red Tails

      I use a CHE for my ball python and I works fine. The trick is to cover 3/4 or more of the top of the tank and use a large water dish so it builds and holds humidity. I get 55% easily that way in 36x18x12 glass tank. I also have a 40 gallon breeder set up the same way for my EBV Redgroup/Tom Burke lipstick sunglow that should be here Tuesday and doing the preliminary run on it, I get 90F hot side, 82F cool side and a 54% humidity. Just cover most of the top of the screen with cardboard wrapped in tin foil and you will be good. Doesn't look great but works and will be ok till I get my BP and the sunglow both into AP cages.