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flex watt heat tape for Bloods???

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  • [Flexwatt/UTH] flex watt heat tape for Bloods???

    Has anyone used the flex watt heat tape with their Blood python enclosures? How well does it work? Do you have to have the enclosure lifted up above the tape so it don't break the glass? Or can it sit flat on top of it? I am thinking about using some for my Bloods so we can have better control with a thermostat to keep their heat perfect. Also has anyone used moss as a substrate for them? I want something more natural looking but I don't like that coconut fiber sticks to everything lol. What are your experiences with moss? Thank you for all your help. Just want to make sure I give them the perfect home here

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    Re: flex watt heat tape for Bloods???

    I have boaphile cages so they have flex watt attached to the bottom along with radiant heat panels inside. I don't use fish tanks for my snakes anymore but in the past even with thermostat found mats on glass got a bit hot, I had it right on the bottom glass. I'm using sani chips so no idea on the moss.

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      Re: flex watt heat tape for Bloods???

      I have one Borneo (f). She is kept in a AP T8. As you can see, all my 4x2's are stacked using flexwatt attached to the outside bottom of enclosure.

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