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  • [Heat Placement] New to Forum and to Redtail Boa Care

    So about a few days ago I adopted a beautiful female redtail boa on craigslist for free. My rtb (Osha) was free due to the current care taker not able to afford it. She got Osha from another friend who under fed her and probably stunted her growth. Osha is 4 years old and only 4ft, she however is very active, very friendly (I can touch and pet her head) and eating without any problems (fed her a fresh killed small/medium rat). She currently is residing in a 20 gallon because that is what she came in.

    I am going to do a DIY enclosure for her and pretty excited about it.

    I picked this up from craiglist for $10, its 52in(L) X 20in(D) X 24in(H) I plan to to put plywood on the back, spray insulation foam on the back and sides, then stick coconut fiber on the foam to give it a cool natural look. The sides top, back and bottom will have ventilation holes with screen covering them. The front will have locking Plexiglas panels that slide in.

    My biggest concern I have is heating, I am debating using heat tape for belly heat and also to have a sheet on the wall for ambient heat (yes on one side) or should I get a good sized ceramic bulb for basking instead? Either heating element will be controlled by a thermostat which will also have a cooling element (big CP fan). Will post pics of Osha tomorrow, she just ate yesterday so I am letting her digest.

    Here are my other DIYs for reference of my skillssss

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    Re: New to Forum and to Redtail Boa Care

    Nice, I'd love to see pics as you are building! I plan on making one for Princess Leia when she outgrows the one I have her in now, I use a moonlight bulb and a flukers mat in hers. She seems to like it, I see her spending time on both sides so it must be just right!


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      Re: New to Forum and to Redtail Boa Care

      I would put a radient heat panel in there along with belly heat. Glad to hear this snake landed in a good home for a change.


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        Re: New to Forum and to Redtail Boa Care

        If you do go with a RHP, I would recommend talking to Pro products. They will ask about cage details to see what panel size and strength would be best. They are a little more pricier than other RHP makers I've seen but these guys worked with me pretty well. I struggled to maintain night time temps with just a flexwatt on the belly alone.


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          Re: New to Forum and to Redtail Boa Care

          Don't forget a thermostat, it is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of equipment for proper snake care. Welcome to RTB, if you haven't yet, read the Ultimate Care Guide on here, it will answer most if not all of your questions about caring for your new pet.

          Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest