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  • [Humidity] Zoo-med Forest Floor

    I just switched to Zoo-Med's Forest Floor Bedding yesterday and it really seems to be helping with the humidity. The only concern I have is someone mentioned that depending where you buy it, there could be mites in it. I sprayed PAM in the new cage a few days ago and was wondering if this is a valid concern.

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    Re: Zoo-med Forest Floor

    That's a danger anytime you buy substrate. As long as it comes in a sealed plastic bag, I don't worry so much. But I did get mites from some bulk aspen at a reptile show in 2010. Awful experience.
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      Re: Zoo-med Forest Floor

      You want to spray PAM every time you replace the bedding (unless it is paper) which is usually once a month. The only time you want to spray PAM more than once a month is if there are mites and you are trying to get rid of them. In that case spraying it in every 2 weeks might be necessary OR you could lay out paper of the size you need and stacked for 2+ weeks worth and spray that all down so the bedding is safe to put into the cage once a day to keep fresh bedding in. You don't want to coat too much on the walls which is why more than twice a month in the cage is not recommended but people probably have gotten away with it.