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Baby boa constipation?

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  • [Schedule] Baby boa constipation?

    Hey folks,

    My baby Columbian red tail hasn't defecated in a while, and I'm wondering what to do. Here's the situation:

    We brought her home two weeks ago, and have fed her three times in those two weeks (one fuzzy each feeding). She hasn't urinated or defecated yet. We thought it might be because she was shedding, but she just had a great shed last night, and still hasn't gone. We've tried soaking her, but still nothing. We're worried because she's due to be fed again, but we're not sure whether to feed her if she hasn't defecated yet (I've heard if they haven't gone after 3 feedings, you're supposed to wait....) She doesn't seem unhealthy in any other way - she's been eating great, shed great, is really docile (doesn't seem stressed out at all) - she's never even hissed at us!

    So what do you think - wait to feed her again until she goes, or go ahead and feed her now?



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    Re: Baby boa constipation?

    Place the boa in a tub of warm water for a 20mins, with a lid on the tub, make sure there’s plenty of air holes.
    This usually helps them pass stool, they defecate & urinate in the same bowl movement if they are due.

    Some boas go less often than others; half of mine pass weekly, other half every two weeks.

    Feeding 3times in two weeks is a bit too much, only once a week is necessary

    Hope this helps


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      Re: Baby boa constipation?

      I agree only feed once a week. If the food item is a little on the small side she may not defecate much at all. I see nothing to worry about here. 2 weeks is not a problem at all. If it were a couple months I might start to worry then. I would definately keep feeding on an every 7 to 10 day schedule.