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...Looks like it's time for bigger rats.

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  • [Feeding Issue] ...Looks like it's time for bigger rats.

    I like to keep my snakes on a consistent feeding schedule: every Thursday.

    Well this week I'm feeding a day early because I won't be able to do it tomorrow.

    It looks like I need to step up Bella's (my BCI) rat size. She struck at the glass today when she saw the rat coming... she never does that. And for the past two weeks she's been getting unusually active at night starting about 4 days after her feeding. She usually will come out of her hide, crawl around a bit and then perch on her vines and bask under the red/nocturnal bulb. But for the past two weeks (starting about 4 days after a feeding) she'll come out but she won't perch... she'll be all over the cage. Rooting, climbing, burrowing, crawling... this morning I came in and she had pushed her hide about 2 inches, two of her shedding rocks were pushed around, and her water bowl was moved from the middle of her cage to the far side of the warm side! She had completely redecorated, and there were obvious tracks in the bark where she'd been rooting and burrowing. It suddenly occurred to me when I saw this that her late night activity may be a result of her being hungry. ...Looks like her rat fuzzies aren't tiding her over like they used to.

    ...And last week I even noticed there was barely a bulge at all after she ate.

    Question: I was tempted to give her a mouse hopper as well since her rat fuzzies aren't doing it for her like they used to, but opted not to since I don't like to feed more than one prey item per feeding. However, in this case do you think I could have gotten away with it?

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    Re: ...Looks like it's time for bigger rats.

    I'd up to a rat hopper or really sm small rat. I try not to double feed just 1 good meal approp sized every 7 days for the yougins.


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      Re: ...Looks like it's time for bigger rats.

      how old is this boa? how big? i generally keep the food about the same thickness as my snakes.


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        Re: ...Looks like it's time for bigger rats.

        Originally posted by snakefreak89
        how old is this boa? how big?
        She's almost 6 months old. I'm not sure of her length since I haven't measured her in a little while. I made a thread after her last shed on 10/22 this will give you a sense of size:


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          Re: ...Looks like it's time for bigger rats.

          From what I've read it's not a good idea to feed multiple items to the little guys. I think it was Lar (Boa Amarali) that told me that but I can't remember exactly. Anyway, whoever said it had said they found a larger item was less likely to cause a regurgitation in babies. Once they are older you can feed multiple items either to make up for size of the prey being fed, or to encourage a growth spurt. I think your boa is probably a similar size to my 7 month old and I am having the same issue with her as hoppers are starting to be a little small and small rats are still way too big. I have noticed the exact same striking at the glass and staring at the rat the minute it comes into the room. She also has a habit of striking at my sheppard puppy so it seems like she definetly wants something bigger, shes just gonna have to wait till she can handle small rats I guess.