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Tongs or no tongs?

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  • [Feeding Issue] Tongs or no tongs?

    Usually when I feed Iella, I use forceps. Tonight, however, while I was feeding, I had to help my son with something and I already had the rat, so I just laid it in her enclosure. I only turned around for a second and when I came back, she had taken the rat. My question is if your snake takes a rat just laid in their feeding enclosure, is this better or safer than using forceps?

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    Re: Tongs or no tongs?

    I think it would have to be safer, there is no risk whatsoever of the snake hitting the tongs or you. There is also a common theory that says if you get your boas into the practice of taking rats off the floor of the cage, that eventually they may cease to constrict at all and will just approach and swallow prey. It is also believed that this can make the boa more docile as the killing and feeding response has been diminished.