So in August last year, I bought an order of mice from The Mouse Factory. I bought the smallest amount that I could as the minimum order is 50. Unfortunately, as a college student living in the dorms, I have to move in and out of my room with each passing break between semesters. With only one snake to feed, I've been lucky to finish off one package of 25, but the second package remained unopened.

Just yesterday, I drove back up to my dorm (an 8 hour drive from home) and had to be at an audition the next day. I put the mice in a small styrofoam box with lots of ice to last the trip. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to put the mice in the freezer, as our fridge was unplugged, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. I had my percussion audition to go to before the problem could be solved (had I not had the audition, I would not have been in such a hurry to get back up to college at the ungodly hour of 3 am in the first place ). Upon returning from the audition, I found all of the remaining mice thawed.

As a poor college student will limited funds, this was tragic. I've always heard that it is not possible to refreeze mice, and that was well over $30 wasted. Luckily, I got to use three of those mice as this happened to be feeding day, but nonetheless, I am sad to see so many good mice go to waste.

Is there another website where I can order frozen mice, but not in such large bulk? The only other sites I checked seemed to have the same requirements for orders (minimum order of 50 or so). Otherwise, it would seem that my best option is to buy the frozen mice from Petsmart or other pet store as Flagstaff doesn't have a reptile store to supply us. Although I would still have the issue of transporting the mice, at least if only a few thawed during the trip, it would only be a few dollars worth rather than over half the bulk order of $60.

I sincerely wish I had not been stuck in such a predicament, but unfortunately I returned from a seminar in Atlanta the day I had to drive back. As a music major, the audition is something like taking finals at the end of the year, except that it happens the day before school starts. I had to be there, but it did not allow me sufficient time to situate myself in my new room. Although this batch of mice is beyond salvation, perhaps someone might have a suggestion for us college students who are doing their best on limited funds to make every dollar count without wasting any mice.

~K2, owner of Heart's Blood