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argentine boa regurgitated rat please help!!

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  • [Feeding Issue] argentine boa regurgitated rat please help!!

    My argentine boa is 5.5 feet and has refused his to eat his normal frozen thawed medium rat for 3 weeks, he would go up to it and get real close for a minute and then back off. I tried a live one today and after it walked by his face for the fourth time he grabbed it. After he swallowed it and it was resting in his stomach for a few minutes he opened his mouth really wide and started forcing the rat back up until it was out. I don't understand why he hasn't been eating or why he did this. He always had a great feeding response. If you have any insight please respond I'm wicked worried about him.

    Thank you.

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    Re: argentine boa regurgitated rat please help!!

    If it only happened the one time, I wouldn't get too worried yet. The rule is to wait a few weeks be for feeding again though, he will not starve. If it happens again then maybe look into a trip to the vet. Meanwhile make sure the temp and humidity are correct. It is best to have an UTH for belly heat, it helps with digestion. Hope this helps and keep us posted.


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      Re: argentine boa regurgitated rat please help!!

      Check temperatures first, use two different devices such as both a temperature gun and an IR thermometer, to make sure that nothing has failed or is running too hot.

      Otherwise get some reptile probiotic from The Bean Farm and dust his next f/t feeder with a pinch of it, that helps restore their gut flora after a regurge.

      His next feeding should be in three weeks and offer a small rat rather than a medium, it will be easier on his system.


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        Re: argentine boa regurgitated rat please help!!

        You don't mention how old your boa is but at that length, he's more than likely a mature boa and it's common for boas to go off feed during breeding season. My first boa went several months when she reached maturity. I know, it is scary but trust me, if your boa is in good shape otherwise, he will be fine. Don't try to feed him again for a while and as has been mentioned, feed a smaller size.

        Welcome to RTB and some pictures of your boa and his setup would be welcomed!

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          Re: argentine boa regurgitated rat please help!!

          All comments are pretty much on point. But i myself also have a Argentine boa but keep in might that December is the start of breeding season for them. I do not feed him his regular meal (large rats), i went down to small rats till after breeding season is over before i put him back to his regular meals. I would encourage in to take look at the Argentine boa care sheet because it normal for some boas to go off feeding. If you start to see signs of weight lost and still rejected good then i would make a vet visit. But i think your boa would be fine. Keep us posted.