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What is this thing???

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  • [Feeding-General] What is this thing???

    So I fed all of my snakes on Friday and I was going around doing cage maintenance today when I saw that my baby leopard Boa, Skittles, made his first his water dish...and it looks like this:

    I'm not rly sure what to think bcuz I have 3 other snakes now and Ive been keeping since 2009, and I have never seen a 'poop' quite like this....
    this snake has eaten once before I got him and twice in my care. all feedings have been live fuzzy mice
    any ideas?? or is this normal for a baby?

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    Re: What is this thing???

    That looks like a regurgitation to me.



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      Re: What is this thing???

      Not poop: appears to be a regurgitated mouse covered in slime (attempted to digest & failed); no, it's not 'normal' for a snake of any age. This can occur for various reasons that include handling too soon after feeding
      the snake, or temperatures too cool in the cage, or possibly stress from other factors. Can also be illness & bears watching. Do not RE-feed this snake for another 2 weeks at least, otherwise he may regurgitate again,
      since he won't have had time to adequately replenish his digestive fluids to do the job. Meanwhile, check his cage temps & other factors.


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        Re: What is this thing???

        I agree with these two posts. Check your temps and humidity, belly heat 85 to 90 is what i run. As [MENTION=13772]Noelle7206[/MENTION] said don't feed for at least 14 days, he needs time to build up digestive fluids. What is your feeding schedule?
        The photos are very helpful.


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          Re: What is this thing???

          I agree too . wait at least 2 weeks - no handling - and when you do feed again , make the meal smaller than normal . Getting your Boa to keep a meal down is more important than getting it back to proper size. This is a set-back and it take a while to get back on track


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            Re: What is this thing???

            Yes, I forgot to mention the next food should also be smaller..."it takes a village"! LOL


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              Re: What is this thing???

              Everything has pretty much been covered.

              Personally, I always tried to wait longer than two weeks; however, the age/size of the snake that regurgitated the meal always played a significant factor in the waiting time I established.

              Also, as mentioned, be certain to go with a smaller meal. If that was a live fuzzy mouse, then go with a small-to-medium sized live pinky mouse. As David (aka [MENTION=9045]Morgans Boas[/MENTION] ) said, getting the snake back to keeping a meal down on the next feeding is more important than getting it back to the normal prey size. Personally, I would go smaller on the next couple of feedings just to play it safe. After holding down a couple of smaller meals, then you can worry about moving back up to the normal prey size.

              That is just the way I have handled the issue when I have dealt with it.
              "An increase in reptile education can lead to a decrease in reptile discrimination." - Bebo



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                Re: What is this thing???

                I agree with everything that has been posted. Be VERY careful and make darn certain that your temps and humidity are good, don't handle the snake and let him be as quiet as possible for a while. Treat him as if he is in intensive care in the hospital because he is. I had a regurgitation problem with an Arabesque I got and almost lost him. Good luck and let us know if you have any more questions.

                Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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                  Re: What is this thing???

                  While waiting the two weeks until feeding again pick up some of this - NutriBAC Reptile/Amph. Probiotic - Health Care - The Bean Farm - it's a reptile probiotic that will help your snake re-establish its gut flora after a regurge. Dust a little of the powder onto the feeder.

                  If it happens again then I'd suggest a vet visit for a fecal exam and bloodwork, as parasites and certain diseases also cause regurge.


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                    Re: What is this thing???

                    thank you all for your very helpful responses. here are the enclosure specs:
                    ambient temps: 83-86
                    hot spot: 88-92
                    humidity: 50-60

                    the weird thing about this is that after I found this in his water dish, I also found a fresh poop that looked quite normal that wasn't there when I retrieved the regurge...also, when I did find the regurge, I found a spot of yellow stuff that looked somewhat hard/crystalized (only adjective I could come up with to describe it). it did crumble when I smooshed it tho...
                    so my next question would be this: is the regurge the second mouse I fed, and the poop from the first mouse?
                    Ive fed him twice in my care, both mice were the same size and specs did not change between feedings
                    I was feeding him every Friday, but only got two weeks/feedings in when I found this
                    in addition, I have not handled him AT ALL since I got him and only did then for a minute to take pictures of him when I brought him home
                    thank you all again, I am so worried about my baby


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                      Re: What is this thing???

                      Yes, the regurge is the second mouse, the poop was the first. The yellow crumbly stuff sounds like (without seeing it?) urates...which are normally white/grayish/off-white but may also be yellowish or greenish.

                      Your ambient temps sound a little warm to me...I'd try to come down a few degrees (to give more choice of temps). Feeding every Friday sounds like he didn't have a chance to digest & that caused the regurge.
                      The more hair a rodent has (& the larger bones) the longer the digestion takes. A better schedule* might be to offer food every 10 days, or when your snake exhibits real hunger signs and also, some keepers only
                      feed once they see the "results" of the last meal. Keep in mind that some snakes (just like some people) have better digestion than others and just need more time. It may not mean there is anything wrong, only
                      that you need to adapt your expectations... Snakes don't need an exact feeding schedule anyway. (*Baby snakes that are fed pinkies or fuzzies often eat every week, but those prey items are quickly digested.
                      The time between meals needs to be lengthened as their food is sized-up.)

                      Baby snakes don't commonly have parasite issues...hold that thought for a while. I'd worry about serious illness if he regurges again AFTER you have followed our suggestions here (giving him a 2-3 week rest
                      from food so he is once again ready to digest with adequate digestive fluids, etc). This is likely something that will smooth out just fine.


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                        Re: What is this thing???

                        alright. so at what point do I need to be worried about parasites and other serious illness?? since that was mentioned, Ive been freaking out


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                          Re: What is this thing???

                          alright, u mentioned the feeding schedule, but Ive been feeding him a fuzzy (a small fuzzy at that) once every week....if those are 'digested quicker' by babies like u say, then why was it not? he is only a month to a month and a half old...he should be able to eat at least once a week with no problems

                          I guess I'm just kinda comparing it to my ball python, who eats once every week but doesn't poop every week...he is also a baby, about 6-8 months
                          and my baby corn snake who eats two pinkies once a week (and would likely eat more if offered)
                          Skittles must just be super sensitive


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                            Re: What is this thing???

                            Originally posted by Senshii84 View Post
                            alright, u mentioned the feeding schedule, but Ive been feeding him a fuzzy (a small fuzzy at that) once every week....if those are 'digested quicker' by babies like u say, then why was it not? he is only a month to a month and a half old...he should be able to eat at least once a week with no problems
                            Good question...but looking at your photo, that looks like more hair than a fuzzy (by definition) has, so I'm wondering if the terminology is the problem here, since sellers are often NOT consistent with what they call
                            the feeders they sell. (you said you fed live, were the eyes open or closed?)

                            But no matter what, not all babies (be they humans, puppies or snakes) are going to be the same & you always have to be flexible & make adjustments for your individual pet. I do commend you
                            for not being in a rush to handle him...feeding & digestion are certainly the primary concern with any new snake. I think (& hope) this will work out ok, given some time.

                            I agree with bcr_229, by the way...adding that probiotic powder may be helpful (though difficult to 'add' unless you feed dead prey). I would not, at this point, be concerned with running to the vet, since that will stress him further & may work against him unless other definitive symptoms show up. Most issues (not all-) are best handled with patience & double-checking your husbandry first.


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                              Re: What is this thing???

                              the eyes were closed. and both of the mice I fed didn't look like it had much hair on them for it to be a problem digesting, but I will get a large pinky for next feed.
                              also, I just ordered some of the nutribac and I will add it to his next feeding via dusting
                              I also heard that you can add it to the water, is this true? and if it is, how much? I don't want him to stop drinking cuz it tastes weird lol

                              temps were also adjusted to lower temps as recommended

                              and one more thing. I would like to know how often is too often to check up on him and make sure he is ok. I look in the enclosure from a distance several times a day, since I'm spose to leave him alone, but I'd like to make sure he is ok and he looks fine physically. when and how can I check him to make sure I disturb him as little as possible?