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Rats & Mice Diffrence?

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  • [Rats/Mice] Rats & Mice Diffrence?

    Hey guys, new here and new to boas but not snakes in general. I Have been feeding my Boa a 3" - 3.5" live mouse once a week, and want to switch over to frozen prey. Around here in New Jersey i do not have a local pet store that sells frozen feeders so i was going to use the online route using rodent pro. i have used them in the past for monitor lizards prey without a problem. My question is my boa is a pretty good feeder with live prey, as soon as he smells the mouse he starts looking for it, so i do not think i will have a hard time switching to frozen, but i was wondering if anyone has had a problem switching their boas from mice to rats? The mice i can get are a little too small and was going to step it up to weaned rats, my boa is a little over 3ft does anyone see any problems with feeding this size prey also?

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    Re: Rats & Mice Diffrence?

    First, welcome to the forum.

    It sounds like it's time to make that switch. It doesn't take long for boas to outgrow mice, and a quick look through the pinned posts in the feeding sub forum will graphically show why feeding live rats is dangerous.
    Your boas may resist the switch initially. But the biggest thing to remember is that if he refuses a meal or three, it won't hurt him. Have patience and he'll convert over soon.

    Of course, he may not refuse and may make the switch readily. Many do. But to answer your last question, there should never no problem with weaned rats.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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