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  • [Feeding Issue] digestion problem

    I was feeding today my boa and how do I describe this, normally she pulls the body in and straightens out with her head lifted up to devour the tail and push the mouse further down. Well the mouse went in but when it got to the trail she just kind of froze, she started like I don't want to say spasaming but that's kind of what it looked like, and also there was a noise coming from her, it wasn't loud but it was kind of like the noise a tea kettle makes when it's whistling. And I was only feeding her a small mouse,I usually feed her two small ones of the same size until I'm sure she is ready for something bigger. Could she be injured? Any insight would be helpful and appreciated.

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    Re: digestion problem

    Did she finish swallowing it or did she spit it out? Sounds like maybe she has a respiratory infection ("RI"), with whistling during breathing? How long have you had her? What are the temps in her cage?


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      Re: digestion problem

      All the questions that have been asked by Noelle are relevant!

      Are you feeding live prey? Or what? That is, Fresh killed or F/T (frozen and thawed)?

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