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PLEASE HELP - adult female redtail

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  • PLEASE HELP - adult female redtail

    Hi there snake lovers,

    I am in need of any advice on how to handle or at least understand what is happening to my 17y female boa which had no major health problems in her life. She is 8 feet + long and had around 40-45 pounds before this problem started.

    She is my only snake and sort of a member of the family. A year ago I made her a new enclosure, quite bigger than she had before and about half a year ago she had diarrhea (just once) for the first time in her life, she did not shed ok for the first time in her life and then she had green pee (twice, the second time a bit less) also for the first time in her life ... and then she stopped eating and has refused to eat till today. I know that sometimes she had a slight wheeze when breathing, but it was never serious and she always ate and shed normally.

    I've been to two vets, had her on two antibiotic treatments (for a while it looked as if she was doing much better), had x-ray and ultrasound done, had poop analysis done and was all ok, blood analysis was ok. Now she still refuses to eat, the breathing is worse, she started opening her mouth while breathing (sometimes) and drinks and pees A LOT. Her skin looks "old" and a bit shrivelled, she has lost a lot of weight (muscle definition is still there, but she is "skinny"), and the scales are still slowly coming of now and then although I soaked her and tried to help her shed.

    If you need more info please ask, I am glad to answer. I just have no more ideas on what to do to make her her old, healthy self again.

    And help or advice is much appreciated.​​​​

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    She has a UV lamp and a halogen heating lamp + heating cable under rocks. Temps are between 73 and 86 F, humidity 45-65. She has been free to roam my previous apartment for many years, now not so much, especially since this began she has been only in the enclosure.