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Questions about Tylan

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  • Questions about Tylan

    I was wondering if someone has more information on the use of Tylan for Boas? I have heard that Tylan can be effective in treating URI and such. I was wondering if there is a size limitation (should it only be used on larger snakes) I currently do not have a sick snake but I was wondering if I should keep this on hand. I do have 11 snakes right now. If you have more info on Tylan please share.. I know they should always be checked by a vet but just wanted to see what has worked for others. thanks.

    By the way the Boa I adopted a while back is doing great. I adopted a little baby red tail this weekend..she is really underweight but we got her to eat last night she would not even eat for the rescue center.

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    Re:Questions about Tylan

    Hi Peaches,

    Maybe someone can offer some further info on Tylan. I can only tell you most i know of, including myself only use Tylan as a last resort when the weaker more commonly used meds like baytril are ineffective. Barracuda on this forum was telling me their were some bad side effects to Baytril. I have not had any problem with baytil and I know a lot still use it as a first treatment for RI, but it maybe worth checking into. I know I plan to check into what she told me.. Tylan is called the wonder drug,. but like I said it has always been a last resort because it is strong, and does have several side effects.. I wouldn't keep meds on hand because all do have a shelf life and without proper storage, they can easily change in strenth or worse.. I don't keep many meds on hands for my snakes or the rescues, except Metrodozenol (Flagil, and Pancure) But I deal with the powder only, and the shelf life is long and the storage is normal room temp...

    Hope that helped a little..



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      Re:Questions about Tylan

      Peaches, this is too funny. ;D

      Please read this topic which is marked at the very top of this forum. It is titled, Resistant Respiratory Infection in Boas.

      In it Jeff Ronne talks about the use of Tylan with boa constrictors.

      I also use Tylan in the treatment of boa constrictors.
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        Re:Questions about Tylan

        Thanks Clay and Steve,

        I read the article a few weeks ago. I was just wanting to hear from others to see if it is a good idea. I did not want to do anything or hurt my snakes. Thanks every one.


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          Re:Questions about Tylan

          8) Hey Peaches, i would deffinately go with the Tylan, i talked to my vet today and he said he uses that and also Trimethoprim sulfa, but he will not use Baytril nor will he give it to any snakes that come in.. Yes i do know there is bad side effects from Baytril and some snakes have died from it or have sever nuro probs as well.. I also make sure any snakes with bad RI that come thru here also get a shot of B6-12 as this helps boost the immune system and helps the animal pick up its appitite. All the treatment shots my vet gives are on a once every three day basis.