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regergitated or poop

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  • regergitated or poop

    ok, dumb question, but i've never seen a boa stool before, and i just found i "mess" in my surinams cage. it's chalky white ( i assume thats the urate ) but it's mixed with an off runny brown. i fed her probably 4 days ago 5 at the most. is that healthy? or should i be worried? she's going to the vet monday so even if it's a problem i'll hopefully have a plan of action soon, but i'd still like to know whats up. thx for any help

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    Re:regergitated or poop

    That's poop!
    The food she ate a few days ago is still in her system right now and the poop is from a previous meal.
    The white is urates also

    As for runny stool.. it can be from different reasons, but since you're already planning a vet visit, save some of the stool in a ziplock baggie(don't refrigerate it) and have them do a fecal on it.


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      Re:regergitated or poop

      Hey StarBomb,

      I agree with Ed. Only thing if you have to keep the poop on hand for more the a couple of days. I put the pop in an old cleaned out small container and tape it up and put it in the small frig down in the basement..

      Hope that helped