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Newly acquired Bci baby

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  • Newly acquired Bci baby

    I just got a hatchling BCI about 5 days ago. Since then I have fed him once. I am concerned with his activity or lack thereof. He spends most of his time coiled up OUTSIDE of his hide boxes on the cool side of his enclosure. The hot side is about 90 degrees, so it's not terribly hot where he's trying to escape the heat.
    At night he is not that active, I expected him to be slithering around all night long ( like my healthy python). I don't know how much of his inactivity I can attribute to him still adjusting to his new home. I got him next day UPS from So. Cali. At what point should I be concerned about his behavior?

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    Re:Newly acquired Bci baby

    Ok first off you fed him too early... you should have waited like 10-14 days...
    Also you should not have touched him for the first 4-7 days... I would say leave him alone for 10 days at this point wait another couple days to restarte feeding and see if this helps with his activity... also My boas don't move around at night enless they are hungrey...
    Eric aka....Red


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      Re:Newly acquired Bci baby

      Hi Eddieg,

      I agree with red. You should have waited longer to feed your new baby. I know that since its a baby, you don't want to wait too long to get some food in his belly. I judge each snake by the way they act and how fast they adjust.. With a real young snake I may wait 3-5 days.. With an older snake I have been known to wait 2 weeks.. I fully agree with red that you should let him be for 4-7 days after he gets there.. Gives him time to destress and settle in.. Keep in mind that if your baby came from a cold tank, the heat for the first week is gonna feel hot to him, and needs some time to build up. I know that a few snakes that I got in that were from cold tanks would lock against the cool side for days until they started checking out the hot side.. I woun't panic yet that he is still relaxing in one spot. I know one of my snakes and several babies that have come through here will just become a lump for 2-3 days after they had a meal.. Give it some time, and see how he is doing in a few more days..

      Keep us posted..