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  • [Respiratory] Need your help

    I have a rescue BCI about 4ft right now. I took her to the vet about a week ago to see if there was a possible RI, because I heard her exhaling and saw a small amount of mucus on her nostril. He said she seemed fine, but gave her one injection of an antibiotic just incase she was at an early stage. This is what she does now. When I pull her out, she will hold tight of where I have her, but her tail will just drop if she loses grip. her head too. She feeds well, hasn't refused yet. I can hear her exhale, no open mouth breathing, but there is one drop of mucus that goes in and out of one of her nostrils. Sorry this post is kind of scattered, trying to listen to my professor while I type this. Her temps are good. 90warm and 80cool 55% hum. Thanks for your help. Also seems lethargic

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    Re: Need your help

    That's definitely an early R.I. in my opinion. Plus that's very careless of a Dr./Vet
    to dole out antibiotics in that fashion. A full course of Antibiotic treatment should be used.
    Other wise the infection only get worse and develop an immunity to that Antibiotic .
    Creating another Super strain of Antibiotic resistant bacteria.

    The Dr. should have sent you home with full course of Antibiotic treatment.
    One injection will do nothing in most cases !

    Now you spent money on an appointment at which the Dr.
    should have given you full treatment.

    Instead now you probably need to go back and
    get full treatment of Antibiotics.

    Unless of course you are experienced in medical terminology and
    medical procedures and are comfortable with treating
    medical issues yourself

    Most people are not equipped with the knowledge or know how
    that's required to diagnose and treat medical conditions in
    their snakes or other animals.

    I suggest raising the ambient temp 4-5 degrees
    as well as raising the humidity.

    There are 2 schools of thought on the humidity
    one is lower humidity the other is raise humidity
    raising the humidity only makes sense

    This is how we treat many mammalian respiratory issues
    with the use of vaporizers.

    p.s. If I sound like I'm scoldimng you I am not
    I'm scoldimng the Dr. so to speak

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz



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      Re: Need your help

      ^ I agree, maybe you should see a different vet. I've never heard of a vet giving one shot of antibiotics and sending you home with nothing. Once antibiotics are started, they must be finished or the bacteria will become immune to that antibiotic. Try seeing a different vet, especially if you can find an experienced reptile vet in your area.


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        Re: Need your help

        that's guys, I just got off the phone with the vets receptionist and she will pass the info to get the RX for the treatment. Of course when I took her to the vet, there was no sign of mucus in the nose, or in the mouth. I think that's why he sent me packing with only one shot??? He did say to monitor her and if there is a sign to call back and get the full treatment. The treatment would be a series of Amikacin injections. I'm comfortable giving the injections, he even showed me incase I needed to give them. Does that sound like the right treatment?? Also, what about the lethargy?? Like I mentioned earlier, when she has a hold of my are, she is strong, it's just when her tail or head slide off it just drops. Not on the floor, she will still have a hold of me in the middle. Thanks again.


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          Re: Need your help

          oops, first word is supposed to be "thanks" not that's. . .lol


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            Re: Need your help

            Yes amikacin is used fairly readily, especially with reptiles. It's in a class of antibiotics known as aminoglycosides, which are wonderful and generally have few resistant bacteria, but they can cause harm to the kidneys if the animal isn't properly hydrated. Just make sure she is drinking, though it wouldn't be a bad idea to soak her some while she is on this course of treatment.


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              Re: Need your help

              Thanks Joley, I'll def keep her hydrated during the treatment. Should I do an every other day soak, or keep it simple?? She does have a cat litter size tub in there for her to soak in, but I always see her in the hide. She is def the least active boa I have ever seen. I don't know if you read about her in one of my earlier post, but I rescued her a couple of weeks ago. She was ice cold and had both of her nostrils covered in retained shed. Seems a lot better now, but still a big concern. I've just never had a python or boa with an RI, so i'm not sure on how they respond when you pick them up. Thanks again.


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                Re: Need your help

                Very interesting. Why a vet would do that, I don't know. But it doesn't make sense. I agree with everyone else. See someone else. GOod luck and I hope she's okay.