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  • [Health-General] Non Shedding Boa

    Hi. I have a question about shedding. Back in June (2009) I bought a baby red tailed boa, he was 2 months when I bought him. He has been fed one rat pup once a week since I brought him home (after a nice settling in period). Now, I know boas are different than kingsnakes. But when my kings were his age they were growing like weeds and shedding, at least, once a month. The boa has not shed once. He looks healthy and he is growing out nicely. Just not growing any longer.

    Should I take him in for a vet visit? Or should I just relax and stop being a worried mommy?


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    Re: Non Shedding Boa 5 monhs basically with no shedding? What are his temps and humidity like? That is a little long for no shedding but really nothing to worry about as long as he's eating and hsi temps are good. Rat pups? that is pretty big for a baby boa. Are you sure they are rat pups? In order to enduce shedding you could soak him in the tub incae he's having trouble shedding. It will come. Just be patient. I don't thik there is anything a vet can do


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      Re: Non Shedding Boa

      agreed soak him and what are you temps and humidty? and if you have pics of the boa and the enclosure