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  • [Health-General] Need health help

    I need expert advice. I have a seven month old albino rtb. She has always been a good eater. She last ate about 10 days ago. She seemed very slow and lethargic and had to be coaxed but she did eat an adult f/t mouse. She refused food a couple days ago. She seems to be getting thinner over the last few weeks. She pooped this week, like completely light like styrofoam. She seems to be dehydrated...loose skin, muscles showing right through... she is in a 10 gallon right now...belly heat, red heat light, 90 basking, 82 cool end under the is duct taped to keep humidity up but it is a battle to keep it at 50 or so. Lots of sprays, damp moss...I have been soaking her for an hour a night for past 3 nights, extra water bowl but she still looks very dehydrated. ...One curious thing, she keeps clenching the end of thr tail like she is trying to grab something...Do you think I should take her to a vet tomorrow?

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    Re: Need health help

    ...15 views, no opinions offered...disappointing...


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      Re: Need health help

      I'm not certain how to responfd something sounds off for certain.

      There are a few possibilities I suppose

      She might have a Parasite problem ( Should vet take in fecal sample for testing

      You may have a batch of not so good mice toxic somehow, possibly in other words they
      are high fat containing causing that creamy really light colored stool.
      If this is the case it will affect her badly all around dehydration, lethargy
      possibly worse could happen.

      Keep a close eye on her,its hard to diagnose problems like your Boa is having

      I'm thinking a Vet trip couldn't hurt but if the problem is the second thing I mentioned
      fatty or toxic food problem a vet won't be able to diagnose either

      Lar M
      Boas By Klevitz



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        Re: Need health help

        thank you for responding