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  • [Health-General] mis treated Boa

    Edited post, gonna check on the little guy before i drop judgements sorry.

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    Re: mis treated Boa

    GO SAVE THE POOR LIL THING there is ur answer


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      Re: mis treated Boa

      when you take in rescues, you can always assume that you will at least rack up some vet bills lol. usually rescues have some type of RI issue, which shouldnt cost TOO much if its not that bad yet. our last rescue was a big female bp that came with an RI, cost me about $80 for meds to get rid of it. along with the RI, she was very dehydrated im still working on that, that treatment is free though, just need to soak her every day for a while. luckily there were no mites or anything else wrong wtih her


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        Re: mis treated Boa

        Originally posted by icemanpballer View Post
        I was looking through my local newspaper when i came acroos a 4 foot redtail for sale. The price was $150 for the snake, his tank, and another tank. I assumed the additional tank was a feed tank.... However when i called the owner told me that the snake was in great shape, which i was glad to here but then things took a turn for the worse. He then told me that the second tank was full of Mice and that he could drop one in for me if i wanted to see him eat. So i know that i will need to work him into eating frozen thawed. He also told me that the cage came with all the accesories including a heat rock! The snake hasnt been handled much and was fed in his tank. I would like to rescue the little guy but im worried there might be some health problems. What do u guys think i should do? Ive been reading all the problems to look for on the forum, and i have a reptile vet that i use for my other 2 snakes.
        First, this isn't a "rescue" boa. It's a boa that someone is selling and you're looking to "purchase" it. A Rescue boa would be "free".

        Now if the guy says the snake is in great shape, you should go check him out for yourself. For all you know the snake is in great shape.

        As for the feeding live... Well, some people feed live. Most boas switch over very easily to frozen/thawed.

        As for the heat rock.... Well, there was a time that heat rocks were popular and people used them. Some people had problems with them, while others didn't. Again, you'll have to see the snake for yourself to decide.

        As far as "not being handled much" and "feeding in the cage"..... Well, not everyone handles their snake regularly. Work schedules my prevent them form handling them during the week. Feeding may prevent them from handling them on a weekend. Most boas don't need that much handling to stay tame. Each of mine get handled for about an hour a week. That includes handling while cleaning cages. During breeding season I don't handle them at all, except for cleaning cages, for the entire breeding season and then through the gestation for the females. My boas remain tame.

        I feed all my boas in their cage. It's just the way I do it.

        So, the guy told you the snake is in great shape. He told you everything that came with the snake. including some food. He was honest and let you know he hasn't been handled and he's fed in his cage.

        So, why do you think this boa might be sick?? It sounds to me like the guy is being upfront and honest.

        Maybe it's the fact that he's feeding a 4 foot boas "mice"??? Well, that would have made me wonder a bit too, but I actually purchased a 4 foot boa that was fed mice. He was fed "extra large" mice, but still mice. The snake I got was very tame, but wasn't handled much.

        Anyway, you really need to look at the snake. Don't just "assume" it's in bad shape.

        If it's in great shape as the owner says and you like it, then "buy" it.

        If it's not in great shape and looks to have "problems" then, "don't buy it".

        Anyway, when a snake is being rescued it's a "free snake". Anytime you pay money for an animal, "you're purchasing it".

        Also, you can't "assume" an animal is being mis-treated unless you've seen that's it's being mis-treated. So, the title of your post has me "very" confused.